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Burn Mark by Laura Powell May 27, 2012

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Burn Mark by Laura Powell

What if?  What if the witch trials never ended?  What if there really are witches among us?  What if some of them use their power for good and some use their power for bad?  What if there were public witch trials and burnings?

Burn Mark answers all those questions.  Glory is from a family of powerful, legendary witches and is not so patiently waiting for the day her “fae” develops.  Lucas is from a family of powerful, legendary Witchtrial prosecutors.  They both receive “fae” the same day and the fallout is monumental.

I had to keep reminding myself these characters were only 15.  Their actions and speech were much more mature than most 15 year olds.  Plus, Glory is already being pushed to marry someone who is 21.  That’s just a little creepy even though the 21 year old is not.

I’m not sure if this books is meant to be a trilogy, but judging by all the loose ends, I assume so.  I was really rooting for Glory to finally have full knowledge about her Aunt Angeline, so I was really happy with the scene where she confronted her about everything.

I would recommend this book to students who enjoy paranormal books, mysteries, and even those who enjoy dystopians.  I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.



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