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The White Oak by Kim White June 14, 2012

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This book is about a girl, Cora, and her twin brother, Lucas.  Their mother ran off or was killed by their father years ago.  The story opens at the funeral of their father, a mean, abusive man.  Neither of the twins mourn the death, but they put on a funeral anyway.  The funeral took place at the white oak in their yard.  The tree had been there for generations.  The family’s land sits on top of numerous tunnels and underground caves that Lucas and Cora spent their entire childhood exploring.  When their father’s casket is put into the grave, the tree sinks and opens a hole that pulls in Lucas, Cora, and their mean grandmother.  Lucas and their grandmother are both killed, but Cora is not.  She wakes to find herself in the Underworld.  Alive.

I can’t decide if I really like the book or not.  I had a hard time connecting with Cora.  I can’t pinpoint one reason why, though.


The concept of this book is extraordinary.  I have high hopes for the rest of the series.  I was surprised the book ended so quickly.  I think the galley I received is not the entire book because on goodreads.com, it is listed as 326 pages.  My galley is only 131 pages.

I loved how vivid the descriptions were.  I could almost smell the river and see the town rotating in the middle of it.  I absolutely fell in love with Lucas.  He is such a great brother, even in death.  He waited for her for God knows how long so she would be safe getting across the river.  He’s quick on his feet and smart as a whip.  I hope he has a very strong presence in the rest of the series.

I will recommend this book to students who like darker beyond death books.